Vision , Mission & Objective

Vision :-

To prepare ideal and committed teachers for the welfare of the society. The mission statement of the college is to provide competent and true teachers to the society for quality education.

Aim & Objective :-

Objectives of the institution and the major considerations addressed by them. The aims and objectives of the college include Academic Excellence, Social Concern and Character Formation and to impart Quality Education to Student-teachers.

The aims and the objectives of the college are :-

  1. To develop excellence in teacher education through innovative practice with deeper emphasis on pedagogical skills and optimum use of available resources.
  2. To provide skillful, learned and dedicated teachers committed to the cause of education and national development.
  3. To serve the society by inculcating values such as dignity of labour, equality of gender, protection of environment, responsible use of mass media, respect for tradition and culture heritage.
  4. To prepare the teachers with the scientific attitude and logical thinking.
  5. To inculcate in Student-teachers the basic beliefs about life, truth honesty, character, love, social service, sacrifice and to curb social exploitation through quality education.
  6. To educate the Student-teachers as an effective communicator, a designer and user of learning resources, learning facilitator and active participant in community life.
  7. To mould the teacher’s personality through all round development that is physical, mental, spiritual and social.
  8. To develop in student-teachers the skills and competencies necessary to play the multifaceted role of the teacher in the new millennium